Fun Weekend Getaway

Fun weekend getaway for the family, with the fishes!

Shamu Jumping!

This weekend I was able to getaway with the family to SeaWorld. It was a great time. We stop by a couple times a year and the kids just love all the animals. They’re currently revamping their penguin exhibit so that was kind of a let down because it was closed off for construction. But everything else was open and we had a blast!

My oldest is at that age where he has a thousand questions about everything and I was struggling all weekend just to keep up. I have never imagined myself as a know-it-all, but having kids has really helped me realize how much I don’t know. My little guy seemed to only ask questions that I couldn’t answer. It was almost as if he would start a line of questioning and once he detected some lack of knowledge on my part, he honed in on that topic. It was fun and I’m picking up a book on whales first thing tomorrow.

They were doing some kind of BBQ event and we took full advantage of all the booths. I can’t remember the last time I ate so much. I love bbq, my wife isn’t a big fan but she will eat it and my oldest son will only eat chicken fingers. That being said, those guys selling the bbq made a few bucks off me and it was all good. They even had live music. You really haven’t jammed until you’ve heard a country band do a R&B cover of Baby Got Back. It was hilarious! But, everyone seemed to like it so I kept my thoughts to myself.

Dolphins Jumping!

The kids enjoyed the animals and asking me questions I couldn’t answer. I enjoyed the bbq and the heartburn that followed (small price to pay). And, my wife enjoyed taking pictures. She LOVES taking pictures of the family on any and all outings. I can’t post my family pics here for obvious reasons but I will post some shots of the animals. Later this year, during the summer, we hope to go to their other park and swim with the dolphins. We’ll see.

Cool Backflip!

This little getaway was a real stress reliever. Sometimes when things are going bad or I’m losing sight of what really matters, it’s helpful to just get away with the family and focus on what really matters. I didn’t think about anything that was bothering these previous weeks while I was out with the family this weekend. And that’s just what I needed. Maybe it’s what everyone needs.